An All-Inclusive Medical Answering Service Benefits In 2023

Americans dislike waiting for anything, including being put on hold when calling their healthcare provider. In fact, a recent survey shows that only 27% of individuals are willing to wait on hold for up to one minute, but not for a second longer!

Many healthcare providers use a medical answering service. However, not all these services provide the necessary customer support for healthcare organizations. As the healthcare industry’s landscape evolves, the finest medical answering services evolve to provide a comprehensive variety of healthcare call center services geared to improve patient and physician satisfaction.

Today’s all-inclusive, high-quality medical answering service offers far more than just phone answering.

Medical Answering Service

A Medical Answering Service Improves Patient Satisfaction

Many healthcare companies first turned to in-house answering services to fulfill the expanding needs of their patients. The plan to make patients happier and improve efficiency has caused more problems. There are more mistakes with scheduling, people are missing appointments, and the office needs more staff. The industry discovered more demand for patient support than they could handle with their solution.

As a healthcare provider, you understand that the ultimate goal of your organization revolves around three standard goals: providing the best healthcare possible, being responsive and empathetic to the needs of your patients, and operating your medical practice with financial efficiency while minimizing unnecessary resources and lost revenue.

Healthcare providers aim to provide excellent care to their patients. They also strive to be understanding and empathetic towards their patients. Additionally, they work towards running their practice efficiently by using fewer resources and avoiding financial losses. Meeting patient requirements is the first step to achieving three goals. This can’t be done with a traditional receptionist working regular hours.

Your answering service should be responsive and available 24/7 to meet patients’ needs, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays.

Comprehensive Health Care and Patient Engagement with 24/7 Live Medical Answering Service

A 24-hour live healthcare answering service allows your medical practice to respond to your patients’ urgent calls – not when you are available, but when they need you! An “after-hours” call service is different from a 24/7 live medical answering service. An all-inclusive answering service provides the services your patients expect from your healthcare organization, including scheduling and communication management.  

The best healthcare answering services are different from regular after-hours medical call services. They offer patient-friendly features like answering calls by a live and experienced medical answering service professional. Every call is answered by a real person within 30 seconds or less, and the availability of bilingual and interpreter services for every call that comes into your healthcare practice.

Furthermore, the most responsive medical call service that patients prefer provides “one call” medical services, which means that all of the patient’s demands are met in a single phone contact. The best medical answering service connects patients, doctors, and providers through one phone number that can be used anytime, anywhere.

The Best Medical Answering Services Improve Employee Efficiency

Aside from increasing patient involvement and providing a better overall patient experience, the most responsive healthcare answering service is designed to minimize your staff’s workload while also increasing employee efficiency in a variety of areas, including:

  • Insurance Verification
  • Physician Referrals
  • Pre-authorization and Pre-registration Services
  • Voice, Text, and Email Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Outreach and Discharge Services
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  • Patient Communication Management 

These solutions aim to prevent negative patient experiences and save time and resources. This allows your administrative team to focus on caring for all your patients at all times.

Responsive Customer Service Allows Your Organization to Meet Medicare/Government Requirements

What has been most challenging for many doctors and healthcare providers is a shortage of office personnel or accessible administrative time to manage, plan, and bill for clinical staff time allocated to Chronic Care Management (CCM). With current CCM reimbursement starting at $48 for a 20-minute session, a significant amount of revenue is lost.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is one of the most well-known and potentially profitable Medicare initiatives. This program connects Medicare patients with multiple chronic health conditions to doctors outside of regular office visits.

New answering services now offer various options for providing reimbursable services. These options include telephone, secure messaging, secure Internet, email, or a secure electronic patient portal. These alternatives are designed to be responsive and convenient for patients. These alternatives are intended to be responsive and convenient for patients.

The top medical answering services generate and manage an additional revenue stream for your organization.

Realize Increased Cost Savings and Improved Revenue BY Using Virtual Medical Answering Services.

Time is money in the healthcare industry. Every second that a vital service is not provided is revenue that your professionals are not contributing to your bottom line. 

An all-inclusive healthcare answering service frees your administrative personnel to focus on other critical tasks while ensuring patient scheduling, insurance verification, appointment reminders, and patient outreach activities are met. These services help save money and improve finances. They ensure that staff work efficiently and reduce unnecessary spending on things that are not important for your organization’s success.

An all-inclusive medical answering service saves money by reducing pressure on staff, decreasing abandoned calls, and cutting overhead costs.

  • 24/7 After-Hours Call, Care, and Service: Rather than paying for staff to wait for the phone to ring, the one-call point of contact services provided by a full-service medical answering service allows you to pay a single fee for patient services, rather than the idle time or downtime you’d typically pay for in-house call services waiting for callers.
  • Lower Costs Associated With Employees: Employee costs are only those incurred by specific employees. Besides pay, benefits, and bonuses, companies, especially healthcare providers, spend a lot on training and welcoming new employees. Outsourcing services from a reliable alternative to traditional answering services can help healthcare institutions enhance patient services.

This new model provides an alternative to traditional answering service provides a win-win solution for your patients and for your healthcare organization.

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