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At American Health Connection we are an all American provider of patient communication services, helping businesses in the healthcare industry by managing their customer communications and taking on all their call center responsibilities.  A few ways we make health care operations run smoother is by helping them handle patient related tasks such as pre-registration, payment, pre-collection, and insurance verification.

Our services and strategies enable our clients to significantly improve their daily work-flow operations, enhance efficiencies and reduce cost.  We are the first full service healthcare patient communication company ever created in America.  Since the beginning we’ve been on the cutting edge in advancing a patient-centric approach in healthcare.  Our latest Patient Communication Management suite of services takes customer relationships to the next level, and is more advanced than the standard operational procedures of any typical healthcare facility.


You can be sure we’ll always be there for your patients.  Our Cloud based systems ensure maximum reliability built on four clustered data centers located across the United States with full fail-over capabilities. The intelligent multi-channel routing, real-time reporting and interaction recording can be delivered by multiple channels: voice, email, web chat, and SMS. And all the data is delivered to the highest HIPAA and HITECH security standards, keeping your clients safe.

With American Health Connection’s fail safe cloud systems, you can be confident that we will always answer your calls, 24/7.

To reduce our client’s IT costs and ensure rapid service, American Health Connection’s engineers will write specialized interfaces to match your current configuration. Custom interfaces, including bidirectional HL7 and SOA web services, or legacy file transfer interfaces, provide inter-operable system-to-system communications to facilitate real-time exchange of appointment and other healthcare data. All protocols and data formats are supported. 

The technological advantages of using American Health Connection include:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Automatic technology upgrades at no additional cost
  • Unlimited scalability based on our call volumes
  • No in-house expertise required (IT, telecom or help-desk support)
  • Custom HL7, web services, or legacy file transfer
  • Interfaces with any EMR/EHR.
  • No upfront, or recurring hardware and software costs/ maintenance fees
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