3 Ways AI Benefits Healthcare Call Centers

Yuriy Kotlyar, co-founder and CEO of American Health Connection, was interviewed by Healthcare Contact Center Times on how to incorporate artificial intelligence tools into contact center operations. Yuriy offered three areas for contact center function leaders to consider:

  • Patient self-service options: AI tools can assist patients in their pathways through interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and AI chatbots can be a starting point that routes patients to an appropriate agent as needed.
  • Workforce management: AI tools can analyze data and provide contact center managers with call volume estimations, staffing need predictions, and agent productivity and skill metrics.
  • Center analytics: AI can crunch the numbers and show the areas where a contact center leader should focus on to improve performance.

The article, “Three Ways Contact Center Leaders Can Embrace AI,” was published in the September issue of HCCT, available here for HCCT subscribers.