Patient Communication Over-Flow

Patient Communication Over-Flow

Patient Communication Over-Flow

Centralized Scheduling

  • Streamline patient scheduling with a one call solution:
    • One phone number for your patients, internal staff and physicians to schedule, remind, and assist patients.
    • Patients speak with an experienced live agent on every occurrence with virtually no hold time
    • Agents are 100% US Based, and available 24/7 365 days a year.
    • Centralized Scheduling is fully customized and can include any of the following services:
      • Pre-registration: Utilization optimizes patient and staff time by entering and verifying required demographics, insurance information prior to the patient’s arrival
      • Allows patients to see their doctors without having to complete paperwork upon arrival.
    • Deductible/Copay Pre-Collection:
      • Proactively collecting improves cash flow on the front end
      • Eliminating back-end collection reduces bad debt
    • Insurance Verification:
      • Confirming plan coverage
      • Eliminating denials and rejected claims prior to the patient visit
    • Medical Necessity and Order Verification:
      • Prevent denials by checking patient orders and diagnosis against payer rules to ensure accurate claims
      • Assist patients in understanding physician orders and their coverage limitations.
    • Scheduling of language service:
      • Improve utilization of interpreter’s time and remote interpreter services.
    • Concierge services:
      • Saves valuable physicians and staff time by contacting patients for further consultations or tests. Specialists will call patients insuring continuity of care and improving patient and physician satisfaction.

Appointment Reminders

  • Reduces no-shows
  • Eliminates the time-consuming effort of manually calling patients
  • Process is fully integrated with the ACD platform
  • Patients are connected directly to a dedicated Patient Communication Specialists
  • Voice, Text, and Email Reminders: Provides patients with custom messages based on appointment types, locations, procedures, and tests
  • Rescheduling: AI integration recognizes callers when reminders are sent
  • Patients can seamlessly reschedule appointments with a live agent.

Discharge Follow-Up

  • Significantly reduces readmissions by as much as 40% (Industry average = 1 in 5 readmits within 30 days of discharge)

Physician Referral Services

  • Contact patients within 24 hours of discharge
  • Schedule follow up appointments, collect data and report results to and from the patients and hospital
  • Agents follow client defined preset guidelines and search the database for doctors who meet the patient’s and physician’s requirements
    • Physician’s age, sex, languages spoken, specialties, number of years in practice
    • Office location and hours
    • Same call appointment scheduling
    • Medical education and training, along with the physician’s location and office hours.

The Patient Communication Specialist can schedule an appointment at the point of contact with the patient thereby providing a valuable service to all constituents.


This process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Retrieving clinical data directly from the EMR
  • Contacting the insurance company
  • Faxing required forms
  • Verifying insurance prior to the test date
  • Notifying the patients re: deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances
  • Obtaining authorizations utilizing a comprehensive process to insure that denials are an uncommon occurrence

Answering Services

Experienced Patient Communication Specialists replace obsolete traditional answering services by:

  • Handle any type of incoming call including:
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Re-scheduling appointments
    • Paging physicians
    • Message handling, etc.

No-show rates are directly related to the physician practice’s ability to reschedule calls after hours. Coupled with our appointment reminder service, patients have the ability to reschedule appointments 24/7 during the reminder call and reschedule their appointment in one call.