American Health Connection - One Location with a Worldwide Workforce

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Yuriy Kotlyar used to own a medical transcription company. One of the trends he saw in that part of the healthcare world was a move toward a remote workforce.

That is something that he has carried through to American Health Connection, his almost four year old outsource healthcare call center venture. It certainly made sense to have a remote workforce as there can be substantial savings by doing it that way, particularly since this company is located in Beverly Hills, one of the more expensive real estate markets in the nation.

Today, he’s got several hundred Patient Communication Specialists working remotely around the country, servicing a variety of medium to large hospitals and medical practices. “There are challenges in managing remote employees,” he says. “One thing is showing up for work. You need good supervision and check in and check out. You need to know when someone is stepping away from the computer.” Having a strong technology platform can allow this outsource process to happen.

Also important for outsource healthcare are personal visits, first to help set up the home office and second for monitoring purposes including unannounced visits during working hours.

Because of the need to closely supervise staff, he’s tried to group employees in selected pockets around the country. Also helping is his standing offer to all employees to contact him directly with any concern.

“The most popular service we provide is scheduling,” he says. “We have allocated and semi-allocated groups handling this.” That allows certain employees to become experts in particular client scheduling needs rather than having all employees working to schedule any patient for any client. Among the other services provided are physician referral, appointment reminders and insurance verification.

About American Health Connection

American Health Connection (AHC) offers the healthcare industry’s only all-inclusive, full-service, virtual central scheduling and patient communications services. Our Patient Communication Management® service encompasses a suite of customized, scalable services that seamlessly and cost-effectively streamline all aspects of the patient scheduling and engagement process.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to dramatically improve scheduling and registration workflow, enhance patient and physician satisfaction, maximize client resource utilization and reduce costs.