Centralized Scheduling

Streamline patient scheduling with a one call solution: One phone number for your patients, internal staff and physicians enable a single call with our custom trained agents to schedule, remind, and assist patients.   

Patients speak with an experienced live agent on every occurrence with virtually no hold time. Agents are 100% US Based, and available 24/7 365 days a year.  Centralized Scheduling is fully customized and can include any  of the following services:

Patient Pre-registration: Utilization optimizes patient and staff time by entering and verifying required demographics, insurance information and other registration needs prior to the patient’s arrival. Allows patients to see their doctors without having to complete paperwork upon arrival.

Deductible/Copay Pre-Collection: Being proactive about collecting from the patient saves your practice money and improves cash flow. Placing the priority on front end collection and eliminating as much back-end collection as possible resolves non-payment risks.

Insurance Verification: Experienced agents verify plan coverage, eliminating denials and rejected claims prior to a patient being seen. For a better work flow, every patient is prepared for their appointment prior to walking into the doctors’ office.

Medical Necessity and Order Verification: Prevent denials by checking patient orders and diagnosis against payer rules to ensure accurate claims. Assist patients in understanding physician orders and their coverage limitations.

Scheduling of language service: Improve utilization of your interpreter’s time. In case a patient does not speak the same language as the doctor our Patient Communication Specialists will schedule your on-site, or remote interpreter service.

Concierge services: Save your physicians and staff the hassle of tracking down patients for further consultations or tests. Our Patient Communication Specialists will call your patients for their convenience, insuring continuity of care and improving patient and physician satisfaction. 

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