American Health Connection offers a wide-range of medical call center services, designed to dramatically improve both patient and physician satisfaction. Our Patient Communication Management® services, helps eliminate dropped calls, enables patients to quickly connect with a real person, improves care coordination and reduces hospital re-admissions.

We are 100% USA-based and our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including nights, weekends and holidays. The following is a list of our Patient Communication Management® processes:


Centralized Scheduling:

Streamline patient scheduling with a one call solution: One phone number for your patients, internal staff and physicians enable a single call with our custom trained agents to schedule, remind, and assist patients.

Patients speak with an experienced live agent on every occurrence with virtually no hold time. Agents are 100% US Based, and available 24/7 365 days a year.  Centralized Scheduling is fully customized and can include any of the following services:

Patient Pre-registration: Utilization optimizes patient and staff time by entering and verifying required demographics, insurance information and other registration needs prior to the patient’s arrival. Allows patients to see their doctors without having to complete paperwork upon arrival.

Deductible/Copay Pre-Collection: Being proactive about collecting from the patient saves your practice money and improves cash flow. Placing the priority on front end collection and eliminating as much back-end collection as possible resolves non-payment risks.

Insurance Verification: Experienced agents verify plan coverage, eliminating denials and rejected claims prior to a patient being seen. For a better work flow, every patient is prepared for their appointment prior to walking into the doctors’ office.

Medical Necessity and Order Verification: Prevent denials by checking patient orders and diagnosis against payer rules to ensure accurate claims. Assist patients in understanding physician orders and their coverage limitations.

Scheduling of language service: Improve utilization of your interpreter’s time. In case a patient does not speak the same language as the doctor our Patient Communication Specialists will schedule your on-site, or remote interpreter service.

Concierge services: Save your physicians and staff the hassle of tracking down patients for further consultations or tests. Our Patient Communication Specialists will call your patients for their convenience, insuring continuity of care and improving patient and physician satisfaction.

Appointment Reminders:

Reduce no-shows and eliminate the time-consuming effort of manually calling each of your patients in order to remind them of their upcoming appointments. Our appointment reminder platform is fully integrated within our call center ACD platform, which gives your patient ability to speak directly to our live Patient Communication Specialists for any appointment scheduling and rescheduling needs.

Voice, Text, and Email Reminders: Provides patients with custom messages based on appointment types, locations, procedures, and tests.

Rescheduling: Understanding the needs of the patient, we can easily help reschedule an appointment, retaining business at your practice. Our AI integration recognizes live callers when reminders are sent, patients have the ability when necessary to reschedule appointments with a live agent.

EHR/EMR Integration: Our IT reps are experts in HL7/FIHR/Web Services or legacy file integration with your EMR system. Our custom interfaces will match your existing specifications, and our bidirectional interfaces will automatically update corresponding patient records.

Detailed Reporting: Pre-designed as well as customizable reports are available on the customer portal. These reports can be emailed to you on a schedule of your choice.

Discharge Follow-up:

On average, 1 in 5 patients will be readmitted to your hospital within 30 days of discharge – but this does not have to be the case.  American Health Connection’s trained professionals are available to identify and call high-risk patients within 24 hours of discharge thereby significantly reducing the rate of readmissions.  In most cases, we’ve been able to reduce hospital readmissions by as much as 40%.

Physician Referral Services

Our team of Patient Communication Specialists follow-up with patients within 24 hours of discharge. This standard procedure substantially reduces the risk of readmission and improves patient satisfaction. During this call agents schedule follow up appointments, collect data and report results to and from the patients and hospital.

Our trained Patient Communication Specialists will follow your preset guidelines and search the database for doctors who meet the patient’s and physician’s requirements. We specify the physician’s age, sex, languages spoken, specialties, number of years in practice, information on the doctor’s medical education and training, along with the physician’s location and office hours. The same Patient Communication Specialist can schedule an appointment right away retaining business within your organization.


Our Insurance Specialists have many years’ experience dealing with multiple insurances for various tests and procedures.  Authorizations are obtained using a full cycle process to insure that denials are an uncommon occurrence once the bill for the procedure is submitted by Revenue Cycle.

This process includes, but not limited to, retrieve clinical data directly from the EMR, call the insurance company, fax required forms, verify insurance prior to the test date and notify the patients. All deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances are discussed with the patient prior to the test date.

Answering Services

Our trained and experienced Patient Communication Specialists professionally handle any type of incoming calls.  Services include scheduling and re-scheduling appointments, page physicians, and handle any other calls in a professional manner. Your no-show rate is directly related to your practice’s ability to reschedule calls after hours. All services of our Patient Communication Management® suite are available on 24/7 basis.

Chronic Care Management

Billable non face-to-face care coordination services for Medicare patients
with two or more chronic conditions.

Our team of trained and licensed staff perform calls to patients that have two or more chronic diseases. We build a supportive relationship with patients and their care-givers while providing care coordination support that will ensure appropriate services for the patients’ health needs. Changes in patient symptoms, or behavior are monitored and reported; any significant patient concerns, along with any other patient status updates are communicated to the Primary Care Physician. A comprehensive care plan is created and maintained during the duration of the service.

We provide 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week (24/7) seamless extension of your internal staff, in order for the patient and any caregiver to communicate with the practitioner regarding the patient’s care. CCM can be implemented not only by telephone calls, but also through secure messaging, secure Internet, or other asynchronous non-face-to-face consultation methods such as: e-mail, or secure electronic patient portal.

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