It Begins with a Call

Experts agree that a positive patient experience is central to effective healthcare delivery and provider success in the marketplace today.

When patients are in tune with their providers, they are more compliant with their recommendations and orders. They also are more likely to seek their advice, which can result in early detection and treatment of diseases. A pleased patient’s loyalty to a physician or institution can lead to referrals, and negative word of mouth can impact reputation and the bottom line. And so on.

Key to creation of a mutually worthwhile patient-provider relationship is effective, professional and clear communication – which starts the moment someone picks up a phone to answer the patient’s call to schedule.

At this juncture, a lot of things can go wrong. Staff may be too busy to pick up right then, and the call is put on extended hold or goes to voice mail or to someone who can only take a message. Worse yet, the phone could just continue to ring until the patient gives up and moves on. Another scenario: The person answering the phone may have answers to only some of the patient’s questions, and the intake process could require several transfers or new calls on the patient’s part.

Today’s savvy consumers know there has to be a better way, and they expect more.

And that’s what our virtual call center services give them – the “more” they’re looking for.

Our highly trained agents, working from their homes, do more than answer calls. Rather, they are truly there for the patient, giving them quality service and courteous assistance, using their knowledge of our process and the specific facility to handle all aspects of patient intake, setting the stage for a successful appointment.

Most importantly, our agents are stress relievers, available 24/7 to assume either full patient communication responsibility or be there after hours, on weekends or in overflow situations. The results of their efforts are seen in reduced abandonment rates, hold times, no-shows, patient leakage, costs – and frustration.

We’re proud of our agents, what they do and how they do it. And we’re happy to smooth a part of the journey that leads to health and wellness. Learn more at